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Valshalla Farm.. mainly a forestry farm situated in the north-western corner of the southern Swedish highland. We are located in Ulricehamn municipality, Mullsjö being the closest town.


...cattle graze the pasture land around the farmhouse and down by the lake and help keeping the landscape open.


...our property borders to Lake Brängen, some 5 kilometres long, which is part of the Tidan River. In the lake, where we and our guests may fish, there is plenty of pike, perch and whitefish. At one end, where the Tidan River runs, there is a colony of freshwater pearl mussel, a kind of clam – a sign of high quality water.


...for the ornithologist, there is a rich bird life at the lake. Besides the ordinary duck and goose you can spot goldeneye, heron, black-throated diver and osprey.


...the slopes by Lake Brängen are prized for their high quality nature. The unique character is due to many years of grazing. Here you will also find remains of old hardwood forest.


...we, the current owners, are not by far the first at the site. During the 16th century, Valshalla was the official residence of the marshal of Årås, a nearby mansion. Årås was at one time owned by councillor of the realm Erik Eriksson Gyllenstierna.


...but not even the marshal was first. At Sjövik remnants of flint axe production have been found. As far back as the Stone Age the site was attractive for settlers due to its rich fishing waters, fertile soil and protected location.


…today visitors from far and near find the place attractive during both summer and winter. Just a few hundred metres from Valshalla is one of the largest skiing resorts of southern Sweden located. Several lifts and slopes offer alpine skiing to visitors from southern Sweden and Denmark. If needed, artificial snow is added.


...6 kilometres away you will find Sweden’s oldest golf course. Originally it was a private park course reserved for the Sager family at the Ryfors Estate. Today it is a modern 18-hole golf course, with a challenging topography in the hilly landscape.


...we, Lena and Dag Lagnerö, bid you welcome to Valshalla Farm!




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