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start2Welcome to Valshalla!

Days of busy activities or peaceful rest. 

Or the mix of your choice.

With us at Valshalla Gård, in the scenic border land

of lake and forest between the provinces of Småland               

and Västergötland, you have all the possibilities.


A walk in the forest, picking berries or mushrooms,

maybe an encounter with “the King of the Forest”,

the moose, or quiet rowing on the lake.

Catch a fish for the evening meal?



Make day trips to Astrid Lindgren’s World or Liseberg.

Or a shopping tour around nearby Ulricehamn

with numerous factory outlets.

The district is a centre for textile products,

with market leaders in the sphere of

home furnishings and ready-made clothes. 



And just around the corner:

- horseback riding, canoing or golf.

The closest golf course is only 6 km away,

and there are at least five more within 30 minutes.


Make your own choice.


You stay with self catering in Gamlegården (the old farm),

500 m from the lake, with your own pick-nick lot down at the lake side,

or Sjövik (lake bay), right on the lake, with your own small beach and jetty.

Both houses are electrically heated and with full kitchen equipment.

With each house there is a rowing boat at your disposal for rowing or fishing.


Read more about us at Valshalla Farm and where we you can find us.

Get more information by clicking at Contact.  


… and welcome to a pleasant holiday!



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Updated February 22nd, 2020